Seashore Cathedral

Seashore Cathedral

“Seashore Cathedral” is a series of murals that utilize a geometric style, giving the impression of stained glass. Each column features detailed vignettes that represent different aspects of the area that make Virginia Beach unique. In the artist’s words, “I want to create the idea that the whole underpass, in the area of the columns, is made of stained glass, giving lightness and brightness to the atmosphere.” On the back wall, Pepe pays homage to Paul DiPasquale’s iconic statue, “King Neptune,” which can be seen at the 31st Street Neptune Park at the Oceanfront.

This dynamic artwork that embodies the spirit of Virginia Beach and the activities of the Rudee Inlet can be seen on the underpass columns of the Rudee Walkway that connects the marina to 4th Street municipal lot.

About the Artist

Giuseppe Percivati (Pepe Gaka) is an Italian street artist based in the US and Philippines. He comes from a family of artists, his uncle and grandfather being painters, and father and sister musicians. His work can be seen in Italy, UK, Japan, Pakistan, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and USA.

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