North Building Mural

Virginia Aquarium North Building Façade Mural

In 2022, the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center worked with the City of Virginia Beach Cultural Affairs Department to put out a call to artists to create a mural to celebrate the natural world, and Virginia Beach’s local eco- and aquatic history, while reflecting the Virginia Aquarium’s mission and spirit.

Artist Sarah Gallahan, a Virginia native, was selected to create the mural, which covers the 2,508 square foot (approximately 66 feet wide by 38 feet high) façade of the Aquarium's North Building. The mural, a welcoming beacon to Aquarium visitors and passersby, features three species of turtles; Loggerhead, Green, and Kemp's Ridley, all of which can be seen live on exhibit in the Aquarium.

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About the Artist

Sarah Gallahan (also known as #dreadknot) stands out as a multi-talented creator who continues to build her portfolio by giving life to clients' imaginations through her murals. While raising 3 kids, far too many pets, and a garden with her husband in the northern Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, she made it her goal to paint murals full-time everywhere she could, and on anything, ultimately worldwide.

Gallahan finds her inspiration in her clients, her family, and her life adventures. She has painted on most surfaces imaginable from canvas to rooftops, school buses to food trucks. Gallahan has worked for private clients, businesses big and small, schools, and more. When she's not painting she also enjoys gardening, hiking, hanging with her kiddos, anything in the sunshine, and tacos, lots of tacos.

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